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UPDATE as of 5/26/15:
I am unable to take on any new reviews at this time, but am open to posting author spotlights. If you are interested in scheduling one, please shoot me an e-mail at the address on my contact page.

"Those who can't do, teach."

More and more of my time is being taken up by reading and reviewing upcoming historical fiction. I still love to write, I still have loads of ideas for novels, but I'm taking a break now to focus on helping out other authors.

So do you have a book you would like reviewed? Oh you do? Well here are my guidelines:

1. I can't read everything that comes my way. I am an official reviewer for the Historical Novel Society and I often take on up to four books per quarter for review. Those books are my priority. I'm also reviewing books through NetGalley as well, and as such, the publishers that allow me to have an advance copy deserve my feedback. You'll see those reviews here on the blog along with my reviews for the HNS after they become available in their Historical Novel Review magazine. So those are my priorities. Now in the time I have left over, I would be happy to read your novel. But...

2. It must be historical fiction. I enjoy strong historical settings with a dash of romance. I don't do ancient times. I love European and American settings. I have a particularly fondness for England. Tudor set historicals are kind of passé for me, but if it is a particularly unique premise, I will consider it.

3. I am generally not one of gushing reviewers who gives everything four and five stars. My general rating will be three stars, which means I recommend the book but with caveats. I generally try to talk about the good and the bad in a novel, and make recommendations towards what kind of reader would enjoy it best. I will not tear apart a book or be unfairly critical. Everyone, whether a good author or a bad author, deserves respect simply because they finished a book. That's a pretty monumental task in my eyes.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY. If you are an Indie author, bring me your best work. It should be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. I understand not being able to hire an editor, but your work should have had several eyes on it before landing in my hands or on my Kindle. If I start reading and find numerous mistakes, I will stop and inform you.

4. I will take e-books, but they must be formatted for Kindle.

5. Still interested in a review? E-mail me oldhousejunkie at gmail dot com.

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