My Novels

It's no secret that I'm an aspiring historical fiction author as well. My first effort Rebel Heart was self-published after I was told that the Civil War period just wasn't in vogue right now. I've had a decent amount of success but never one to rest of my laurels, I have several other projects in various stages of completion.

A Scandalous Bargain - England, 1753

Charlotte, Lady Milnes by George Romney
Lady Cecilia Compton is forced into marriage to the heir of the Duke of Stanhope when she is just thirteen. The bridegroom, Aubrey St. James, is at university and not in the market for a wife. Luckily for him, Cecilia is shipped off the the Abbaye Royale de Panthemont in Paris to be finished out.
When she returns to London five years later, it is to claim her right to be the Duchess of Stanhope. Aubrey is not prepared for the lovely young woman that he spies at the opera to be his wife, while Cecilia carries the memory of his spiteful words on their wedding day. Thrown together with a man she distrusts, Cecilia attempts to uncover the scandalous reason for her hasty marriage all while protecting her heart from her very charming husband.

This novel is based on the real life story of the 2nd Duke of Richmond and his wife, Lady Sarah Cadogan.

Rebellion - Ireland, 1798
Sophia Granger, the youngest daughter of a country squire. Sweet tempered and eager to please, she attracts the attentions of the handsome and jaded (he has to be, right?) Lord Edmund Kilpatrick.

Princess Elizabeth of England by Thomas Gainsborough
Sophia falls head over heels in love with the wealthy earl and has no trouble consenting to an arranged marriage to save her family's failing fortunes. But Sophia's innocence is a liability in the malicious society of Georgian Dublin; when she discovers that her husband has no intentions of remaining faithful, she is heartbroken. 

When James Connolly, an impoverished landowner draws her into the fight for Ireland's freedom, Sophia must decide where her loyalties lie and whether or not love is more important than her wedding vows.

A Convenient Misfortune - Charleston, South Carolina Colony, 1775
Mrs. John Montresor by John Singleton Copley

Arabella Westbury is forced to leave everything behind when her father is assigned to a church in the South Carolina colony. When he dies on the voyage, she is left an orphan with no prospects in an environment that is becoming increasingly hostile to British subjects. Despite her nationality, Arabella uses her wits to find work as a governess with the Bennetts, a prominent Patriot family.

After Arabella saves the life of her charge's much older brother Jackson, her reputation is in tatters. She is forced into a marriage of convenience, which leaves her best friend Toby stinging with rejection and Jackson's spurned fiancĂ©e burning for revenge. When Jackson abandons her for the high seas, Arabella must nurse her broken heart while dodging salacious rumors. As the War for Independence escalates, old loyalties are tested and new alliances put Arabella and Jackson in danger.

Gaiety Girl - London, 1912
Edith Rose Talbot is a poor chorus girl who takes the theatre world by storm after gaining a position at the Palace Theatre in the West End. She is suddenly in demand, not only on the stage but also backstage where she must fend off a variety of admirers. But her heart belongs to Teddy Field, an up and coming playwright. When her father is permanently disabled in an accident at work, Edith is thrust into the role of primary breadwinner and forced to make decisions that will alter her life forever.