Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Excellent Opportunity...!

I was cruising along the internets a little while ago and stumbled across a mention on the Query Shark site. Susie Townsend (who works with Janet Reid at Fine Print Literary) is doing a First Page Shooter project (or is it contest?) Anyhoo, follow the guidelines here and you may be chosen to have the first 250 words of your manuscript reviewed by Susie or her blogger assistant in crime, Joanna. Of course, everyone can't be critiqued so if your pages don't appear (in 120 days) you can assume that Susie didn't get the pages, your pages didn't have a lot to correct in them, your pages were so bad she didn't know where to start, or she couldn't read the pages because they were in a foreign language. Pretty good reasons, I guess....

I can give you a tip because I jumped on this and have already submitted my pages: you will receive an e-mail back stating that your information has been received. So if you don't get that response, then you will want to re-send again. And now you can eliminate the "I didn't get it" portion of the reasons why Susie didn't critique your pages. Of course, according to her blog, she has received over 700 e-mails asking for her critique, so I don't know about you, but I'm not holding my breath. It would, however, be totally awesome to have her review my pages since she is on the hunt for historical sagas. There are no genre guidelines for the the First Page Shooter project, but Susie is very big into paranormal romance, YA fiction, urban fantasy, and dark romantic fantasy. I figure that asking her to review pages for genres she is already interested in could not hurt!

In other news, I have to give myself a little shout-out. I edited five whole chapters last week and wrote some new material too! I am very proud of myself. Apparently the Irene Goodman opportunity was what I needed to get myself in order. Of course, I did not edit a chapter last night, so I think I will have to do double duty tonight to catch up!

Happy writing, folks!


  1. Great heads-up! And congratulations on your progress so far. Editing is hard, but such a necessary evil :)