Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going Off the Tracks....

I think I've decided to shelve "The Enemy Within" for a while. I don't know how to define "a while" right now, but I think it's taken me this whole long unproductive month to see that I need something to invigorate my writing once more. I've even despaired of having writer's block. *shudder*

Though I dearly love "Enemy," I'm just tired of it. It's no wonder since I've been working on either finishing it or editing it for two years straight. I've read it so many times that while I enjoy reading some of the more brilliant moments, I am a bit tired of going over it again and again. I think the second half may be going off the rails a bit even though I love what happens. I think I need to take some more time to get feedback, not to mention figure out how to make it more cohesive. But ultimately, I think it may not be the right time for it. I'm sure American historical fiction will come sailing into the market again, and when that happens, I'll be ready for it.

And so what to work on next? I had "Rebellion" mapped out, but when I finally cracked open my laptop the other evening to re-read my progress, I just wasn't happy with the result. There is nothing worse than being uninspired by your own writing. So I've taken a step back; I don't think my characters in "Rebellion" are ready to tell their stories yet.

In light that, I've decided to do something that will be a complete challenge to me. I'm taking a real life historical character and a time period that I only have a passing acquaintance with. It's a time period that is slowly becoming in vogue, and I know if I want to do this, I better get "on the stick" (as we say down here in the south)! I'm going to keep the storyline close to my chest right now, but I will divulge the era: Restoration England. The country, of course, is my all time favorite, and the period has always fascinated me. I've spent some time researching the person I want to write about and now I need to research all the ins and outs of one of the most hedonistic courts in history.

Good times will be had by all, I promise!

So what about you? Have you got any shiny new ideas percolating?


  1. I can empathize... I have basically *shelved* a story I worked on (on and off) for a couple years. I know I'll go back to it eventually, but only when I'm ready :)

    For now, I think it's better to work on projects I am energized about :)

    Good luck!

  2. It's great that you've got a new idea that you're enthusiastic about. It's so important, and definitely shows in the writing when you're excited by something.

  3. I too am in this position at the moment (and I help we can help each other out with constructive criticism!).

    I do have a couple of shiny new ideas - I wrote about one on my blog a couple of weeks ago because the subject matter is kind of freaking me out. I also have two others which are outside of my normal writing comfort zone. I'm ready to dive into something so I'm excited to see which one sticks first!

    Hope you enjoy researching Restoration England and have a great time drafting.

  4. I'm currently querying one of my novels, but I'd had to put a novel to the side before that much like you. It's never easy to let go of one you loved. They're all precious!

    Right now I have three new shiny ideas (Oops, four, just got another this morning), and trying to figure out where to go from here!

    Good luck with your next project! I'm a new follower! Glad to be a part too! I see Sarah Pearson follows you - she's made of awesome!

  5. This is one of the hardest writing skills--knowing when to take a break from a project, and knowing when to return to it. Congrats on having the courage to do so! I have too many shiny ideas--but they're wonderful for making a person feel hopeful, aren't they? You don't need THIS project to be the ONE--because you have other, just as wonderful, ideas to pursue. Good luck on the Restoration story!

  6. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! It's a bit overwhelming to tackle a real person, but I'm having fun filling in the gaps left by the historial record. And this particular lady is very fun to speculate on!

    And welcome to my new followers! I'm very humbled to know that people want to follow my rather bizzare journey. :-)