Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So I Lied.

OK, I didn't lie. I just changed my mind. As many of my loyal followers/readers know, I do that quite often. Probably more so than is advisable. What did I change my mind about? An Convenient Misfortune. After becoming aware of the fact that American set historicals may be on the upswing, I took the novel back to its original premise. Meaning that its back to being set in Charleston (or Charlestown) during the American Revolution. What steered me back? A brainstorm! How I love those!

An Convenient Misfortune has always been a dead end. The original draft was never just peetered off around page 320. I fell victim to the same folly that afflicted me with Rebel Heart--I failed to plan an exit strategy. Yeah, endings are hard. They're my kiss of death though. But in a blinding flash of light I figured out what I'm going to do. Actually I figured out two endings and I'm going to see where the progress of the book leads me. The new blurb is...

It's 1776 and Arabella Westbury is forced to leave everything behind in England when her father is assigned to a church in the South Carolina colony. When he dies on the voyage, she is left an orphan with no prospects in an environment that is hostile to British subjects. Despite her nationality, Arabella uses her wits to find work as a governess with the Bennetts, a prominent Patriot family.
When her charge's older brother Jackson comes home from sea, sparks fly. And when Arabella discovers his secret, she is forced into a marriage of convenience with him, which leaves his spurned fiancee burning for revenge. As the American Revolution grows closer to Charlestown, friends will become enemies and Arabella will have to make some dangerous decisions that could land her in prison...or worse.

So what about you? Are endings tough or so they come naturally? Do you plan ahead or do you let the plot show you the way?

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