Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Directions

I was just surfing my Twitter feed when I ran across a post regarding the state of the historical fiction genre. It was a quite interesting write-up and it included the various sub-genres that have sprung up recently.

I find this particularly interesting given my own genre woes. As all of you know from my frequent posts on the topic, I have put more thought than is advisable into my genre. I recently chose to start querying Rebel Heart as a historical romance. It was a tough decision for me. But after discussions with a few important people and even my favorite, published author, I think I belong in that genre...for the moment. Maybe one of these days, the publishing world will create a new genre called semi-historical romance or something. But right now I think my goal is to get published or as a mentor told me recently, "your goal is to get recognition." If that results in Julienne being splayed across the cover in a completely period inappropriate dress then so be it. Hopefully she will forgive me (I think she will) because sometimes you have to get Mohammad to the mountain. Or however that saying goes.

And since I have made the leap into historical romance, I am pleased to report that I have already secured a request for a full. This is always exciting, but more importantly, as I made a run through my novel for edits, I discovered that I am a great story teller. And if my stories are categorized as romances, then I should not be ashamed.

So I am off to a cracking start in this new year. Twitter and a full. Not too shabby! What about you? Have you made any new year writing progress? Or are you just trying to get used to the idea that it is really 2012? I'm with you on that one!


  1. Congrats on the full request! Perhaps Julienne could assert her right to wear a dress from the correct period? ;-)

    The new year has been very slow for me writing-wise, but I think some life downtime is good for my soul. I'm also busy planning an overseas trip, so real worlds have taken over the fantasy ones.