Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little of Bit of Light Reading for a Monday Morning

I don't have any earth shattering updates or anything, so I thought to share the "100 Novels Everyone Must Read" article that recently appeared in The Telegraph. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have only read 8 (OK...8 1/2) of the listed 100 books. I obviously have no head for the classics. Or rather I think my reading interests lie solely in historical fiction, so if a book doesn't fall into that category, then it's just out of luck.

Original cover page for "Anna Karenina"
So what about you? How many have you read? What do you think keeps you from reading these supposed classics?


  1. I'm always interested in these kinds of lists--partially because I know there are books on them that I will never read (and don't feel like I'm missing out). I'd love to see a blogaround or the like in which writers and readers give their "books everyone should read" lists!

    1. That's a neat idea, Rowenna! Unfortunately, I think mine would be tipped towards more modern reading.